95: Aleksandr Dugin: Kali Yuga Chess

March 17, 2022 Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker
95: Aleksandr Dugin: Kali Yuga Chess
Show Notes

The mystical politics of Aleksandr Dugin, the mercurial philosopher and geopolitical strategist hovering behind Vladimir Putin, is front and center this week.  Last week, we covered the phenomenon of Western conspiritualists folding the Russian invasion of Ukraine into their fact-free claims about what's really going on. It turns out that once you're all-in on the cabal, the Great Reset, mole children, and vaccine genocide, whatever happens in the world means you were right all along.

Conspiritualists are claiming that, just like Donald Trump, Putin is really a light worker fighting to save the children and destroy Anthony Fauci's secret bioweapons labs in Ukraine while heralding the true Great Awakening. But an entirely different prophecy, one promising a Soviet spiritual rebirth, appears to be inspiring Vladimir Putin's actions—as well as Russia's disruptive interference in American politics.

Julian unpacks the perennialist religious movement, Traditionalism, and how it speaks to fascist political actors around the world, including Steve Bannon. This is especially relevant in light of tragic events in Europe, a stark reminder of those of us who remember the Cold War. This time, Dugin and Putin dream of a new Russian Empire.

Show Notes

Aleksandr Dugin Ukraine Invasion Press Conference

Moscow Patriarch Stokes Religious Tensions with Ukraine Remarks

Dugin, Putin & The 2016 Election

The Rise of Traditionalism by Benjamin Teitelbaum

Steve Bannon’s Ideological Soulmate

Dugin Fired from University Post for Inciting Genocide

The London Dinner that Brought Europe’s Far-Right Together

Bannon Cites Julius Evola

Inside The Strange Origins of Bannon’s Nationalist Fantasia

Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics Reviewed

Dugin’s Eurasianism & The American Election

Benjamin Teitelbaum on Conspirituality

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