59: Is Rudolf Steiner Dead Yet? (w/Jennifer Sapio)

July 08, 2021 Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker
59: Is Rudolf Steiner Dead Yet? (w/Jennifer Sapio)
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What should a global network of popular and private schools do when faced with evidence that the foundation of their pedagogy was laid by a racist, proto-fascist pseudoscientist? What should they do when it becomes clear that they are evangelizing while pretending to teach secular humanism? These are the sticky questions raised by Dr. Jennifer Sapio in today’s interview with Matthew. Sapio taught for three years at the Austin Waldorf School. She was hired from her secular training, but gradually found herself drawn into what she calls an “inherently racist cult.” Her mentors pushed her towards accepting the 19th-century babblings of Rudolf Steiner, who, among other exploits, read the “Akashic Records” to learn why the spirit world disapproved of vaccines. They discuss the long shadows of racist and metaphysical nonsense that hang over the otherwise wholesome project of Waldorf education. 

In the Ticker, Derek and Julian review a recent episode of Ben Shapiro’s podcast, in which he mutually masturbates with Russell Brand to consummate their brands, but they don’t quite come together.

02:06 Ticker

43:43 Long Shadows over Waldorf

1:12:00 Interview w/Jennifer Sapio

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Show Notes

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